Linda McGee

     Linda McGee has professional and volunteer experience that brings a new perspective to House of Hearts, Inc. She is capable of being objective and non-judgmental.  Linda currently supervises men and women who are incarcerated in a community based treatment facility in Mecklenburg County. She also manages offender’s behavior and coordinates their movement, enforces policies and procedures as necessary to maintain security, inmate custody, and treatment. Linda also provides verbal and written counseling and education to offenders on employment, family, and budgeting.  Linda has a passion for and experience in helping create opportunities for children and their families.  She has volunteered for three years with Guardian Ad Litem. As a GAL Volunteer, she had to gather and assess information on the child’s needs, their parents, their family, teachers and anyone who was involved with the child.  She attended court hearings and wrote reports for hearings based on the child’s best interest. Linda has been a active board member since October of 2014

About House of Hearts

House of Hearts, Inc.  501(c)3 non-profit organization focusing on the needs of pregnant teens and young mothers.  We provide a safe environment and comprehensive program of change. Our goal is to empower our young women and provide the needed tools for a better life.

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PO BOX 11144


PHONE:  704-412-4007 



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