House of Hearts values our wonderful Team members.  Interested in becoming a Team member?  Please contact us with any questions.

Our wonderful team.  Please click on a picture to be taken to a biography of each person.  To inquire about joining the House of Hearts team please contact us.  

Crystal MCoy : President
Linda McGee : Vice President
Ci'era Spener-Matox : Legal
Ta-Tanisha Braggs : Treasurer
Jeanette Stiles : IT
Danielle Monds : Secretary
Nkolika Izuchi: Programs
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Harlan Frye
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Cathy Bennett; Fitness
Theresa Murphy; Peer Counselor
Sarah Steward; Holistic Nutrition
Monica Topicz
Queens U. CLT.; Tutoring/ Music/Art
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About House of Hearts

House of Hearts, Inc.  501(c)3 non-profit organization focusing on the needs of pregnant teens and young mothers.  We provide a safe environment and comprehensive program of change. Our goal is to empower our young women and provide the needed tools for a better life.

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Mailing Address

PO BOX 11144


PHONE:  704-412-4007 



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